Tuesday 20th August 2019
(9am – 12.30pm)

Half Day Training Course – Suitable for Nurses and Carers.

This half day CPD course explores the physiology of swallowing, recognising and reducing the possibility of choking and aspiration, and the practical ways carers can assist people living with swallowing issues to promote ‘safer swallowing strategies’.

Key Training Academy use an anatomically-correct cross section model to demonstrate the swallowing function and discuss a range of practical techniques. Question and answer pages during the training reinforce knowledge and understanding.

This course includes:

• Anatomy, physiology and the stages of the swallowing function
• Reasons for dysphagia
• Identifying swallowing problems
• Choking risk assessments
• Specialist interventions as required
• Person-centred care and practical ways to assist people with swallowing
• Food texturising and drink
•Promoting respect and dignity
• Substitutes for oral feeds

This half day course is £30.00 + VAT Per Person.
Please contact the Key Training Academy on 0333 241 2626
to book and pay, or email enquiries@keytrainingacademy.com

Thank you.