Thursday 15th August 2019
(9am – 12.30pm)

Half Day Training Course – Suitable for Carers and Nurses.

This half day course gives learners the knowledge to help them to safely and
effectively assist with, or administer, medication in a care or support setting. If delivered in-house, the course can be tailored to include the policies, procedures and protocols specific to an individual organisation.

This course includes:

• What is a drug? What is a medicine?
• Legal categories of medicines
• Types and contents of prescriptions
• Pharmacy medication labels
• The laws regarding the administration of medicines
• Understanding administration directions
• Liquid medications (storage and safe administration)
• Policies for administration (inc. not administering from family prepared containers etc.)
• Drug crushing and covert medication (including legal and medical implications)
• Systemic and topical medicines, including administration of topical medicines
• Administration via P.E.G. and other routes
• Non-prescription medicines including herbal; dangers, contraindications and side effects- The 7 rights of administration
• Practical guidance on the giving of medicines
• Transdermal patches
• Inhalers
• M.A.R.R. sheets
• Emergency supplies and interims
• Unwanted medicines (disposal and recording)
• The law regarding the alteration of doses and cross person administration
• Storage
• Side effect
• Self-administration and the levels of assistance

This half day course is £30.00 + VAT Per Person.
Please contact the Key Training Academy on 0333 241 2626
to book and pay, or email

Thank you.